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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  June 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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squatters' men caused this overnight fire. the reason they think that is nobody leaves and lived in the house with a fire had started take a look we have some footage of the scene earlier contra costa fire department's says they came to this scene and they saw flames of 220 to 30 ft. high sheen to the roof they the fire started in the attic and firefighters actually had to cut holes through the roof and crews got an seen that thought was pretty well on scene. as a structure and the first person to arrive in a heavy smoker in that area. and they got into the attic. and that the the fire out. did police they say was thanks to higher humidity is seldom out on the fact of the fire was
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contained in the attic however let mentioned earlier they're calling a suspicious because dimension to the house was in foreclosure and and now they believed the squatters came into the house and possibly start the fire and then they say it's actually linked to that problem in this area with the increasing amount of foreclosure homes the people coming in here now starting these fires thick concern for the fire department and police in martinez live in martinez take a very. east, to costa fire district a close half of the stations because of the budget problems in june 5th election. about those discouraging thing about the defeat was the opponents didn't play fair daylight to the public. and we all know that led to the public.
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stations will be closed in bethel island and bread with 16 of the district's 43 firefighters were many engines will not be staffed with three firefighters each a lot of hikers and picnickers and nature lovers will have to change their plans as the city of san jose is closing alan rock park today the reason is high fire danger they're concerned because of the high temperatures and low humidity there say they will decide whether to reopen the city's largest park tomorrow 6 02 now things are back to normal and 1 san francisco neighborhood after a search for explosives there the activity forced evacuation of a bill last night and street closures around columbus avenue and vallejo street police say start when a woman works of the federal reserve had some sort of psychiatric breakdown and told her employer to fire a shot to the door are for apartment they found several weapons including swords the main collection is
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about possible explosive devices. did which is a former marine from all we understand and she does have expertise and demolition. police declared the area say from 1:00 this morning. tonight the berkeley city council will consider a post new laws which say target homeless that the mayor claims as part of the effort to clear the city lisa washington is live with more on the debate over the ordinance. degrees the morning michelle meier berkeley wants to improve the attractiveness of the of the city there about a dozen or so homeless people to spend the night here so some of them are just waking up according to a study about 40 percent in alameda county's homeless population lives in berkeley mayor tom bates is proposing a ban on sitting on the sidewalks from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. in commercial areas. berkeley law already
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prohibits line on the sidewalks but city leaders cent inefficient because people just set up what is the police walking by the mayor wants the council to approve putting the proposal on the ballot at the kids even submitted a petition with more than 700 signatures to the city on monday this morning we talk to a homeless man sleeps on the streets of berkeley. we have a pretty hard here already and a lot of us aren't on the streets by choice. so there's no sleep well to his post to go? to return to the council with the wording for what would appear on the ballot in november the council course will have to consider this proposal tonight at 7:00 where live in berkeley is a washington cbs five. i understand is when
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to cool down just a tad today hopefully not like it is in the studio right now but you're absolutely right to human need that a.c. once again as for criticism hot temperatures in the valleys once again we seen some fog movie on the coastline suckle down is in the works and that they still burning on the warm to hot side 4 to 13 degrees above the average for this time your as high as 92 degrees in livermore about 70 though much cooler in san francisco and 87 degrees in the warm sun a big pool does in the works will talk about that coming up was a got the roadways with shawmut. will take on the bay bridge right now we have a mobile units out about this morning giving a live travel conditions courtesy of ac transit they're just getting on to the upper deck of the bay bridge and you can see traffic not doing so bad in this area as
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a look over to a live look at the same you can say bit of a backup still no official meeting lives being turned on so again a little slow. much easier than the of one pass that news from mass transit to and was some slight delays everything is now back on time the caltrans carries all checking in with no delays better times the traffic. thank you john 6 06 down crews are starting a major construction and san francisco for project that is known as the central subway and that's where will all start in commuters can spice delays, kim morning frank take a look because it's not going to look as good for a long
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while. this is ground zero for the central subway projects to set there we did construction facing closures over the next seven years this is a staging area beginning today it is known as the lunchbox and will serve in seven years that it will run to chinatown for the tune of $1.6 billion that's $1 million for every five fees and in north beach they're quite upset because columbus avenue will go for two lanes they're upset because they say construction will affect business but there are no plans for a station and because the line on the goes as far as chinatown reporting from san francisco. they're asking for help and find the killer was in the bay to breakers race 31 year-old steven martin from santa clara was taken off life supports and
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died on friday. he got into an argument with martin and his group it wants to see more pictures and more videos they say the argument was over a cellphone a research group challenges the ferry between the crime program target 100 city blocks or 90% of oakland shootings and homicides reportedly taking place but the judges' council says last year to 20 percent of those crimes happen the the most violent 100 and the discrepancies are due to different methods of analyzing the data. the question attorney- general eric holder after recently classifying information to attorneys investigate the matter talking is among those who intentionally of the leaked information to help the president reelected. the commerce secretary c. key medical leave act of sent in 742
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accidents this last weekend to the cities have suffered a seizure on saturday and has called the incidents he will now undergo tests and evaluations. voters in an arizona investors had to the poll the poles today she resigned in january to focus on recovery from a gunshot wound to the head she was wounded during a shooting spree and tucson last year converge has endorsed fellow democrats he faces republican jesse kelly who launched loss to giffords here's a guy state budget plan is up for committee votes today the full legislature has until friday to pass a budget if it doesn't lawmakers won't get paid until this and the budget to the governor the plan includes major welfare cuts democrats want to restore the money and cut the reserve fund instead. time now 609 thieves stole this $13,000
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bike but not his spirit and a generous gift for a cancer survivor. and what cause a huge hole in the bay area home. it's ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation. hilton honors. the guest loyalty program
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you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. uruguay's,, neighbors through the loose ball and basketball outside. and then resign hole on the roof and basketball size this chunk of ice mass into a rooftop in fremont we think he has the ultimate passing aircraft the faa is now looking into it. it reported data explosion of central new jersey was likely now to the coast
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guard is investigating authorities received an emergency radio transmission yesterday afternoon the caller reported that 21 people were aboard some of the men shared this save the vessel sank but everyone aboard had made its life rafts but the coast guard found no signs of people or any distress in the water. at least one person has died as a result of wild fire in colorado. the fire has doubled in size bring 41,000 a. and damaging an estimated 118 buildings hundreds of people there four columns are still actuated sent in two years' figures to help out. check a traffic jam with kidder to jack up. and no accidents lots of folks working westbound slow and go to the all-star pass. live look at the bay
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bridge into traffic very slow and go with chp the meter and winds are calm settled down 880. here's a look at the golden gate bridge as you work your way out of mind county. wrapped up with to get the bridge the rest are bay area bridges techie in the problem free. also my speeds across the dumbarton bridge as well. in the peninsula's not showing any signs of delays or clear northbound if you're headed for sfo. things are moving of speed 92 to 811 elsewhere taking a look at conditions across the bridge. and in the delays to crack classic to a charitable to both directions recent rate cuts the
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west on how four. an early morning problem that things that are will be busier than usual to get better and the pittsburgh as to approach these jar freeway. northbound the delays as the head through oakland's out and clear as well. all along 80 into the south bay here's a look conditions 8237. i say a few extra cars on the roadway by traffic is still very light. the lid this doesn't go back to 645 still keep our eye on that and the been prevent middle is now owned kristen just a bit of a back up as a graduate percent say. moseley said brown of them into head out the door and receive a couple of notches above the right now along the coastline to the golden gate bridge season have you thought right there on the marin
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headlands. will see more of that in the coming days to sign up cool down so the temperatures critical lot near the coastline. still on the warm side sell analytical and down as head toward tomorrow and there is a much cooler temperatures expected. squeezing in another holland dallas again today along the west coast in the next couple days still patchy fog to start out with along the immediate coast line in the mall. to equate what happens as he headed toward tonight it surges from russia or maybe even some drizzle along the coastline. so if you like he enjoy what you have it today 90 degrees and more in home 88 milpitas '60s and presume on the coastline with a patch of fog and sunshine there still hot in london and '90s about 91 degrees in the napa valley and said they'll find precondition 75
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degrees in oakland's 7 in san francisco and still very warm 88 degrees in santa rosa. starting to warm up again on friday had pressure builds in and hot spots and and that's you. a berkeley nonprofit stepped into helping on the decathletes his special bike was stolen the bay area of in great bicycle to saturday at the deli to begin his journey to new york and last week someone stole his so far that bike has not been found. did way to any financial questions on your mind? cbs five wants help from credit issues to a defect let's go to frank was joined by chile. did we last week she has her consumer cap
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back on the was should be pretty big night. will be big nights of her partner and with the 211 the city of san francisco and the night away to bring it the smart money financial advice line is tonight from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. live in consumer watch and experts are available to answer questions on everything from credit issues to a de thefts at financial planning consumer rights will experts there for you. did way to ensure a lot of great questions was the most common question? there are lots of give and categories. and i went through my credit score. accurate information can be removed inaccurate information can be disputed by mail online or by phone the dibble this takes 30 to 40 days to be verified and of course yet to improve your score the best way to do that is to pay bills on time. did we have of mortgages? to this debate once and get those in the call and send a quite often said that is
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question is on current mortgage payments and still qualify for a modification? and will a democrat the answer is now you don't have to be delinquent in fact he shouldn't be the results is usually worth it's not some of the top financial planning questions we get our i don't have money to plan with my future where i began and what are the safest investments in tough that not times? what financial planners audience to help answer those questions and all you have to do is called 211 tonight between four and 8:00 will connect with those experts live by: they're the key is don't call right now. live at 4:00 p.m. tonight. to be drinking a lot of coffee to make those calls right now. 620 right now in new reason to brush and floss the senate banking demo hygiene to cancer. and accidents happen with
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selena and onions and a breeze kicks in still a polecat is on the moderate side both are causing problems morning weather coming up. did way small units out about tears a live look at conditions is to come off the lower deck of the day courtesy of the transit so far so debt san francisco and joker and complete traffic coming out. he could be a risk for stroke of not getting enough sleep the city from the university of alabama finds people who get less than six hours of sleep a nice guy four times the stroke risk of those to get seven to eight hours. if your trouble
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sleeping and maybe it's because you're from the dark at the city from canada suggests researchers followed dozens of college students nearly half of those who had trouble sleeping said that they were afraid the dark. they're doing more studies to confirm the findings. the plot moving to an early cancer death the researchers tracked 49 people over 24 years. sixth thing thing-let up papa was a sociologist at the 5% of cautioning the risk of death is low in finding proof that dental plaque does cause or definitely contribute to cancer but food for thought their necks tiny flaws. flunkies wallet check check check the british prime minister remember everything but the last one. the most important one david cameron and his wife had lunch to find and then laughs and the left their daughter behind this public the parents were in separate cars and boneless hams the issues with the other parent all were
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reunited safely about 50 minutes later. it is of the 2 mi. away and the daughter was in the kitchen talking with the folks there and no big deal. and he must be embarrassed by it. 626 coming up bracing for a traffic nightmare the major construction projects starting in the bay area today. and to women and millions of dollars the heated battle of the estate of the late bay area artists. did police and cruz martinez at our team as a looking into how fire started in the house and they',, [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional.
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everyone is tuesday june 12th them show great up. nearly 630 now and some developing news for the east this morning a suspicious fire sent flames shooting from the roof of the in-house it is a martinez right now and police are pointing to squatters as the possible culprits. as a sacrifice because nobody lived in the house is actually in foreclosure centel known residence to this building but take a look earlier this was the fire that started around 430 this morning there was a lot of smoke. crews actually had to cut to the roof to help the ventilation but the good news is humidity was on their side and no one was in the house and that is the reason we're calling a suspicious. the house is going through some foreclosure. including last night favorite type house and broken tonight.
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as officials said they found a broken window on the back and that's had a thing squatters were involved squatters have taken over these abandoned homes and the good news than good news was no one was hurt the don't disease what is taking over abandoned homes as a continuing trend began this is part of their routine fire clear that they say it was easy to get in and get out and the good news also was that there are no gas and electricity had kept the house live and martina's cbs five. starting next month half of the east contra costa fire district stations will be closed due to budget cuts that proposal was passed last night by the district's directors in a narrow five to four roast the cuts were made after partial taxes with a down in the june 5th election. and the most discouraging thing about the defeat was the opponents didn't play fair the lead to the public. and we all know the lead to public.
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stations will be closed in bethel island and a friend from 16 of the fire fighters will also lose their jobs however the remaining engines will now be staffed with three firefighters each fire danger is also closing alan rock park today kcbs radius matt the gardens is live from san jose's largest part good morning. that's a very popular spot for pedestrians for dogtrot watchers force writers and all sorts of folks the park is closed today check out here is designed alan rock park temporarily closed to do too extreme fire danger not as high extreme. wide stream? well we're talking at two things high humidity and low humidity and high temperatures yesterday the park reached 94 degrees. so a special city officials are concerned that the accommodation
6:33 am
of those two factors could sparking a raging wildfire even with a single source of ignition like a cigarette or a smoldering campfire is the dominant one in the park today to be honest with you this park closure is something that happens every year the city decides that these types of conditions that department to close at this year could be a very bad year for fire there seemed twice the number of wild fires this year compared to last year to has been a lot more fire activity in small burke brushfires in san as saying it had a brush fire next to the guadalupe parkway yesterday and across the west paris until little rainfall that we've seen major wild fires in colorado fire officials in california are very conscious of that and they are taking precautions now to make sure that's we don't see that type of activity here bus it's all they can hope for this point will soon happens later this summer if you are planning to go but if it costs you could
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be facing a kid from the city says say that the latest in east san as a by the foothills not bigger cbs five. 634 now they've given the all clear to research for explosives and san francisco the activity forced the evacuation of the building last night and street closures around columbus avenue and vallejo streets police say started when a woman had a psychiatric breakdown and told her employer she had fired a shot third door of her apartment including sums swords the main concern is about possible explosive devices but police to clear the area safe about 1:00 this morning 634. and talking about fire danger all morning long san jose they're dry conditions out there. ec they're locked up higher than yesterday with a sea breeze of
6:35 am
course that brings more humidity is the atmosphere and large the fire danger there will still be hot spots around the day as high pressure hold on here we fog along the coastline with mild temperatures inland's as the heading for the action insult high temperatures in morgan hill. maybe in the mid-90s and some of the warm spots of the sea breeze kicks in clooney often does have a cisco about 75 and 74 degrees in sausalito police and the jurors are on the way and right now let's check of throws a chat. did weights leader and an aunt can see traffic is very slow and go beyond 80 this point cannot be sure freeway as well also provides to the altman passed us luggage conditions as your work away friday toward 68023 minutes now on i try * west on highway 4 those delays have come to
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pittsburgh. still looking okay though the north and southbound adb checking with any problems in the golden gate bridge despite seeing a few more cars in the roadway into san francisco. did waves think your honor. tonight the berkeley city council will weigh in on a hotly debated new city ordinance some claim the proposal unfairly targets of the city's most gullible people is a washington is live with more on how the mayor claims it would benefit businesses. iraq constitution square this on the popular spots where the homeless people who are the city of berkeley take a look you can see several of them still sleeping we know that it least two council members have said that they will not support mayor tom bass proposal when the vote tonight is the mayor proposes a ban on sitting on sidewalks from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. in the commercial areas berkeley law already
6:37 am
prohibits line on sidewalks but city leaders say it's inefficient because the people simply set up when police walk by the mermaz the council to approve it in the proposal on november ballot homeless advocates oppose the proposal and submitted a petition to the city yesterday saying that they oppose the proposal if it were to go into faxes via letters will be given to mornings and then it would have to pay to dollar fine or they can perform community service the city council will vote tonight which starts at 7:00 live in berkeley lisa washington cbs five. did least cruzan 7 cisco began tunnelling work for a project which is known as the central subway. that is where there will start to the commuters can expect a lot of delays all summer perhaps all is well patricks the deal is there to explain exactly what is going on. this intersection near the corner for then glance it is about as good as is going to
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gets four along while because this is ground zero for the central subway projects there and a major traffic disruptions and will face closures. this will be a staging area beginning today this area is known as the watchdogs and will serve as the entry area and when completed in seven years the subway will run from selma to chinatown to the tune of $1.6 billion net $1 million for every five via a tunnel dug on the other side in north beach some residents are quite upset and understands it will go from four to two lanes they're upset because construction mower business and tied up traffic in the neighbor and the there are no plans for a station in north beach. the line only goes as far as china found reporting from san francisco cbs five. there is a court hearing today in the battle over the estate of artists thomas kinkaid he died at for me with the level
6:39 am
of alcohol in april in silicon valley and his girlfriend and his estranged wife for now fighting over this states mercury news reports his girlfriend has produced a handwritten notes she says kinkaid roads last fall scare for the house and $10 million. did least jerry sandusky's in court for the second day of his child abuse trial the former penn state assistant coach arrived less than an hour ago one of his alleged victims took the stand yesterday talking about the abuse he suffered dating back to the 1980's he read parts of a letter sent to him allegedly written by sandusky who has maintained his innocence. 8639 right now loss angeles kings have capped off and up and down season by winning the stanley cup. the kings are the kings. love that horn. took 45 years to the king's two minutes first-ever title to be the new jersey devils 6 to 1 in game 6
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last night they when players smile on the face of general saturn who coached for a lot of years and says they thousands are expected to show up in downtown l.a. thursday for the big victory parade is the second copper southern california of the beat of a west coast and as a is next in line. says that doesn't smile? he never smiles his lovably three brothers that hall coach in the nhl and he always kind has a sourpuss face. he better smiley probably didn't go to bed last night. 640 right now and it's all about maps and mobile upgrades apple's key announcements during its annual conference coming up and a wrong turn that nearly cost the young driver has life the market opened 10 minutes ago sick a quick look nearly members and we are as good as
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scary moments for a florida senior driven to an overflowing canal and that was a parking lots just seconds to escape he went out the back passenger window but not all is lost. he lost the car but a car dealer in florida heard about his misfortune and give them a car for free 644 checking the weather. a golf tournament, and this weekend's is there a golf tournament going on? a small thing. the will forecast for it. lots of sunshine coming up for the golf tournament in the next couple of days tinges of frogs and low clouds and an atomic coast inside of cooler weather in the works was the petrified for the marin headlands this morning say
6:45 am
will squeeze in one more hot day outside especially inland's you fill those changes of policy breezes kicking along the coast and everyone will be going down as we headed for wednesday high- pressure hold than just strong enough to bring with it another round if he does to head toward the interior valleys with cooler air dropping off the alaska has evolved toward the coast early on today is to break up though by evening hours and will return once again and then it normal lunch or maybe to drizzle up with the coastline is a heading toward tomorrow morning so changes in the works enjoy the he will have it 87 degrees in expense-says say about 92 in morgan hill '60s and breezy read the coastline and have monday and pacifica is the number is protected from the marine air still soaring into the 90s by the afternoon and as yet and said they will fill preconditions. seventy in breezy and san francisco in 88 starts
6:46 am
in the warm side and sam said rosa the next couple of days recall that down on the day but is the look toward friday in temperatures began to heat up once again and looks like the weekend offshore winds kick and greg caugh with lots of sunshine all is the coast. let's head over to mobile 5 right number who is headed out to check conditions is just about to hop on therefore conditions along the west on highway 4. few problems there in that area and try to showing it on the master of four separate accidents in that area two of them really causing a bit of a backup so that larry ashleys' three separate accidents that receive extra busy conditions and west on highway 3 antioch and looks like this is a little bit better once he is the pressure freeway before coming in off the freeway we start seeing if you break i still see some slower speeds westbound headed toward the bay bridge and your nights are on also stolen vehicle
6:47 am
reporter in the upper deck of the bay bridge elsewhere for had along 80 the northbound is starting to get a bit busy southbound though not to bad you'll see break allegedly had san leandro and a slow go ride a pretty typical is the head toward 680 and just like clockwork 647 traffic is backed up to milpitas was bound to 37 connecting over to 8 easing break ties to that area don't forget to happen your car and check with their real partners won a 6.9 that struck a patio. america's small-business owners are not very optimistic about the coming months details i new survey from jason brooks with kcbs and cbs money watch small business owners are still under a lot of pressure and have been says recession and and really haven't seen them come back into force as far as the herring machine knows and historical speaking small businesses are usually the real job generators
6:48 am
coming out of recession and. the national federation of independent business survey it surveys were down from a pull all the more pessimism in the u.s. economy showing signs of slowing and a lot of worries about the european debt crisis and whether or not that will hit the stock market hard and when stocks fall consumers tend to pull back and if there was one silver lining small-business owners are looking to hire a the next few months after that group they're having a hard time finding qualified applicants get ready for a sweeping changes in the way wireless carriers charge yourself from this use rises says it will totally revamp the way prices plans and will now have multiple shared devices on plans at to tenderizes including non phone devices. and unlimited data as well. to start out just one device and 1 gb of data will cost $90 a year of the altitude devices it goes up to $110 is
6:49 am
likely to see others let at&t sprinter to mobil will also follow suit. listed below the stock market starting address to a fall-off in the end words of europe once again off to a decent start the dow's up by 37 points the s&p right now is higher by three points. back to you. jason boxer kcbs money was think so much. time now for look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning eric hill joins us now from york. good morning eric up. critics called agent orange coroner to imagine that the name like that is a battle of this new genetically engineered crops that some farmers are thrilled some of the people not so much. will take a look at the she know whether there's anything you need to be concerned about also this morning starbucks ceo howard schultz is talking reinventing the coffee giant and tried to fix what he says is wrong with america these days if you have a closet full of clothes and yet nothing to wear
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you're going to be one of the runway when there's this morning soviet city of 57 to talk about how she started the business when they're in business school and the best part is they said we didn't have a business plan. did we seek an end to their cause it of all the things you aware? the quake on a single idea rotterdam and gives you more options. even in the cause of frank. did least at hills cbs this morning think so much. all fans have a lot to get excited about for a makeover for the my approach to upgrade for syria. they join us with some of the big reveals from apple's developers' conference in san francisco welcome aboard. and i think apple right now sang with a minute i nevertheless the tablets in the at hassin iphone we make it
6:51 am
pretty good computer laptop. and they're really up pretty bad. did they took their existing lineup and then committed a sauce to the machines they also showed off a top-of-the-line mac book yesterday with a red lettuce play against a very new design for them that i'm sure is good to the template for the design them all macbooks going forward. duckweeds is this is a very beautiful display. so looks great. if they did pack a lot of pixels and one display seeking a much smoother image. referred a lot about apple cd when reminded see it? out of is a lot of them this of course a lot but i wouldn't expect to see it until next year think that they're really working at it is updated the appleseed set top box recently i think that the big push for the year is probably going to the throne in and maybe a smaller i
6:52 am
hadn't but i think people usually buy their season on super bowl time. and the b-1 is the iphone 5 now. we disappointed because we didn't hear that? though, and the item 5 is as the owners get to excited because they get that new software update this fall. but when you actually got an by at the at 15 close of the holidays you can have the software on its. serious commitment yet had a guest will updates. there's still in choosing a few new features a series began have done more devices it's going to be in everywhere. they're going to get their minds or that a series. see them. degrees time now a 62 coming up in firebricks 3 hominy east bay and how this
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[ male announcer ] every day, your car takes you to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. east bay and a big plane tears dripped taken home. there uninvited guests may be to play. good morning frank that they think that has been a house is in foreclosure and please god to the scene and found a broken window on the back of the house take a look at what this area look like just around 1230 this morning. contra costa fire said they saw flames up to 20 to 30 ft. had a shot to the roof-and had to cut holes decree ventilation. they say there was contained in the attic where they think it started the was a good thing for them but they're calling a suspicious because likely mentioned the house is in
6:57 am
foreclosure adding squatters were the ones that started this after they found that broken window that will be investigating the cause and how this all came about. cahoon know which was heard and this fire kicker darin cps 5. set the berkeley city councilor council and the new law that would been sitting on public sidewalks he says he proposed a measure to help increase business to local shops yesterday homeless advocates submitted a petition with more than 700 signatures opposing the potential ordnance. if approved by the city council the mayor johnson november ballot. cruz and san francisco began tunnelling work for many project that will turn up fourth street between is the size equipment will begin digging a tunnel next year traffic that the suspects in that area also a lawn. it will be interesting in
6:58 am
the next decade here in san francisco. some of the road so tough to get around. this is one of those days to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. just look up your dues and six is now owned 70 in san francisco hot '90s those showing up in the valley is the next couple of days return normal temperatures back into the 80s in the warm response and it looks like how weather returns again and the next weekend with offshore winds. it's business as usual at a bridge toll project was a meter in my son back up at this point not quite amazed just gets also slowing go rose along highway 4 westbound the couple of accidents and is stalled vehicle. that is causing a bit of it back up in that area and around pittsburgh and a looks a little slow and goes well here is: go route 4 this morning was bound to 37 and millepede s lots
6:59 am
of great lies that to that area also were key rate to the south the north and 11 2¢ a we're seeing a few bright lights there as well and 80 extra volume northbound to force lemay's but also still a nice run in both directions. origen this is a divorce is making international headlines. an austrian couple had split up after being together for 115 years. and here they are. these giant tortoises are being split up as the female recently been a chunk out of her partner shell. she got sick of him. experts are conducting marriage counseling by chance to get a long time couple to commines play games with each other. the plan nice during this time. the dublin or cleveland was president in 1897. no prenup. 115 years and that was enough.


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